As for Buddhism, whether in the four Indian [Buddhist] philosophical schools or the five sects of Tibetan Buddhism, the foundation upon which it is based is a coherent method for attaining an understanding of reality that attempts to reject worldly desires. This insight begets an attitude toward life that is also called “the Noble Beings (Skt. āryas) untainted by pleasures.”  

— Gosher, Wake Up (2007)

Gosher’s lectures and commentaries on religious and philosophical texts

  1. Teachings and commentaries on Je Tsongkhapa’s Three Principal Aspects of the Path (lam gtso rnam gsum)
  2. On Chandrakirti’s Introduction to the Middle Way (Skt. Madhyamakāvatāra, Tib. dbu ma ‘jug pa), 2020.
  3. On Gungthang Tenpai Dronme’s Water-Tree Treatises (chu shing bstan bcos)
  4. Examining the Learnt in Sapan’s Treasury of Aphoristic Jewels (sa skya legs bshad las mkhas pa brtags pa)
  5. A lecture of Introduction to Buddhism (nang chos ngo sprod)
  6. Gosher’s teachings on An invocation of the seventeen great sagely adepts of glorious Nalanda (dpal nA leN+Da’i paN chen bcu bdun gyi gsol ‘debs) by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
  7. On Refuge (skyabs ‘gro)

Gosher’s lectures on Tibetan history, monasticism & social issues

  1. Gosher’s views on Monastic Reform and Education (from Rdza chu’i rlabs sgra
  2. Three Salient Points on Monastic Administration (dgon sde ‘dzin skyong thad kyi rgyun shes gsum)
  3. Exploring the Directions of Monastic Life Through The Noble Eigthfold Path (‘phags lam yan lag brgyad kyi thog nas grwa pa’i kha phyogs gleng ba)
  4. A lecture on Language & Reading (skad yig dang dpe klog)
  5. On the history and future of Tibetan Buddhism: Our Past, Present & Future (nga tsho’i ‘das ma da gsum), presented at a monastery in Ngawa.
  6. Gosher on What it Means to be 21st Century Buddhist Monks (dus rabs nyer gcig dang mthun pa’i grwa pa byed dgos)
  7. On Gendun Chophel’s Grains of Gold: Tales of a Cosmopolitan Traveler (gtam rgyud gser gyi thang ma)
  8. An informal discussion along with writers Shokjang, Shangkar, and Sangdor: A Sunday Chat (gza’ nyi ma’i kha brda)

More lectures accessible on Soundcloud

Note: These teachings and lectures were given by Gosher at various locations in Tibet between 2009-2020.